Sunday morning

I just got up. Outside is too bloody sunny: pufters everywhere lounging around and my thyme is still floppy. I’m going to enjoy the flowers not yet open, bought yesterday for the dinner party: an orgy of ready meals from Waitrose, the Queen’s official caterer. Reading Time Out I released. I deserve a shag. Gimme me a dark sauna. And a cigar afterwards.

Hard on, oh yeah, in my dreams. Looking at myself doesn’t work thinking of the stupid bitch from last night makes worst gimme some kamagra now.

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I’m black and…

– I’m so proud of my new body…
– Really?!

My London Soho Pride Street Snap
17th August 2008

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I’m all right

Solo un saluto a tutti quelli che s’imbatteranno casualmente in questo mio blog
non più aggiornato da mesi.

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Pelo di fica su tela

Dopo Acidula mora di bosco e Mucca tagli@ta cavallino
sto spennelando i primi capitoli di Fagiolino.
Il romanzo che chiuderà la mia trilogia.
In lingua italiana.

Rebecca Horn
Yin and Yang Drawing the Landscape

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Le tube al collo…

Marzo 2008
Mio scatto in digitale a Sumner Street 

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La pillola mi regolarizza.

Ne ho piene le ovaie.
Oggi lavoro solo di bocca.

Ascolto Amy Winehouse.

The man said ‘why do you think you here’
I said ‘I got no idea
I’m gonna, I’m gonna lose my baby
so I always keep a bottle near’
He said ‘I just think your depressed,
kiss me here baby and go rest’…*


Marzo 2008
Mio scatto in digitale a Regent Street

* Il testo è di Rehab (Amy Winehouse)

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St. Bishopsgate

Color sbroda.
Di culo.

Io in vestaglia. Tu in camicia da notte. Clisterate.
La City val bene una passeggiata.


Marzo 2008
Mio scatto in digitale a Bishopsgate

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